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About Me

Chilean theater director, actor and playwright. I double-majored in Theatre and Design from the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile and holds a Master's in Theater Directing from Columbia University in New York. Winner of two national awards for playwriting with 11 years of experience in his own theather company (OCUS), writing and directing twenty productions in various theaters in Santiago, Chile. In addition, he's been leading a Sex Ed podcast for 10 years.

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Other Skills

Scenic and Costume Design   Graphic Desing     Photography 
Latinamerican Dances    Sex Ed   Locution   


I am attracted to human connections, emotions and relationships. In the search to analyze human behavior in its essence, I have approached the study of human sexuality and therefore the branch of sexual education. Under the same precept, living in North America has awakened in me the need to talk about Latin America with a voice that moves away from the stereotype.

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